Wednesday, 28 September 2016

been a while

Hi guys, so its been a while. Id like to start posting on here more, but at the moment my instagram account cocoparfait is where I post most of my stuff. Check it out if your into wildlife photography as well.

Any whooo Im in fourth year animation now, and an story boarding my film. Its about a baby woodcock who has too many legs and runs away from home. I'll post some stuff on it soon.

Lately Ive been into life drawing and field sketching. I want to improve my bird drawing skills, and what better way than to study them from life. so far, thats mainly been owls, since their such still and good subjects. Ive done some studies from my photography as well.

Some artists have really been inspiring me, and Ive had the chance to sit back and compile a few for life drawing class.
Among some main influences, Morten Solberg, Justine Lee Hirten and Tim Wootton are very inspiring. Their suject matter and style are someting I strive for. I love the field studies Wootton does, and Im really into the mood Morten paints with his wildlife portraits. Hirtens work is amazing, I love her accuracy and witchy feel. John conways work with dinosaurs and spooky work is also really lovely. Love the mood portrayed. 

My own field sketches. no watercolour yet, but I do lots of ink washes. These are screech owls and coopers hawks. 

Some studies Ive done from photos, dead and live subjects and some made up creatures. Im still very into mythology and creature creation, so I love playing around with mixing animals up. All of these were done over this past summer

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